MR - Mini reflection :)

The lamp, the house and the owner.

The candle lamp needs oil so that it can constantly shine throughout the night daily. The flame ignitied from the start, but during the winter season, the wind is so strong that the flame almost went off.

The window couldnt lock because it is spoilt.
She hang on and hang on every bit she could. Waiting for the her owner or some kind soul to paasby the house and filled the oil so that she can continue to survive.

Finally, her owner started to pick up herself after struggling in the windy storm and decided to go home to have a good rest.

When her owner was back,the owner herself was wore out too.

Thank God. God is always good.
He sent kind souls to enter the house to filled up the oil for the lamp, and give comfort the owner.

Finally, there was light in the lamp. The owner felt peace cos of the warmth light that shone, and brightened up the whole house.

However, life isnt a bed of roses
As much as after one windy storm, another windy storm came.

The same thing that happened from the start repeated on its own.
Now, whats next? The owner herself have to buck up, change a plan and do something better to the house so that the light in the lamp can last longer. She needs to do what she can so that she still have oil to fill up the lamp and let it shine.
She needs to do something so that she wont disappoint those passerby who had helped her before and is still helping her.
(Some of the passerby who have now become her good friends)

As much as the lamp needs to shine to continue to bring warmth to the owner, so that the owner can see too, the owner has to do what she can so that the light inside her house can continue to shine.

For the lamp is the light to one person’s soul, heart and mind. Without the light, one cant see. Our body is the temple of our of soul, holy spirit and mind. Just like the home is the shelter for a person to rest. It needs proper care and plan too.


Sometimes when I need to work hard, and pass any examinations..
I know and I know.. Not only I am doing it for myself.
But I want to do it, as an appreciation to those who have helped me along the way.
I want to pass , so that I can account to them.
Not only that, So that their efforts and time wont be wasted as well.

I have to stand strong.
I have no time for negative thoughts esp when it comes to critical moment.
All I can think of .. it’s a challenge.
Do it once and do it well with faith. big faith or small faith, It’s still faith.
Things might go wrong, but God will make it right and He has a plan for me.

I know and I know too..
People who spend their time to help me , it’s cos they care.
They are concern.
Hence all these will convert to a form of motivational energy and push me further. The more I know need to pass, so that I wont let them down.
I am one person alone , but together with the rest who care,concern, help and encourage .. I am no longer alone.
What’s more.. I know God is with me !

I know i got to pass.
Yes, its stressful.
But! With those motivation energy..stress will turn into a form a FAITH and HOPE (Have.Only.Positive.Expectations)

Matthew 17:20
He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”


When a girl cut her hair doesnt mean that she is sad or emo …
For me, it simply means that I want to Change my Hair Style!
Its time to step out of comfort zone for a change :)

To me, Hair take time to grow.
Yes, it takes time, but that doesnt mean once it’s gone it will be gone.
Hair Will Grow Back !

I Miss my long wavy hair.. it took 2 years plus to that length..
But, I love my short hair too :)
It makes life easier for me at times, and easier to manage to a certain extent.

Let’s see…what’s gona be next for my hairstyle…
Well, be bold and do it while you are still YOUNG !
It’s never too late to try though :D

More post coming up soon..
Chaos !

Christmas is coming! :)
Christmas comes during winter time but it speaks of new season is coming too.

It’s winter time, and I’m facing winter period in life. But! I know I can conquer all. Coming to the end of year soon.. time to reflect what I had done.

I love Christmas the most cos the pure white snows represent purities. Which means it’s time to welcome the fresh new spring. But! before the new year and spring come it also means that it’s time we Clean away those unhappiness, things that are a waste of your time in life and shall not continue on. Time to renew our mind, heart and soul. Be prepared to welcome the new year soon people!


Flowers are beautiful but they tend to die
So I will give you more than flowers
I’ll give you my time

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